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Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosures

EAS wishes to promote independence, objectivity, scientific rigor and a fair balance of representation, in all its activities.

EAS has adopted a Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure Policy for the purpose of providing guidance and avoiding conflicts of interest within the Society.

In order to ensure this, individuals participating in the organization of activities on behalf of the Society are expected to disclose their financial or in-kind relationships both with health industry that develop, manufacture, distribute or sell health care materials or services, or other organizations that could represent a potential COI. Such relationships exclude personal or family medical care. Full disclosure is expected even when it is not clear whether a relationship or affiliation constitutes a conflicting interest.

EAS recognizes that these relationships do not necessarily imply bias or decrease the value of participation in professional activities.

Disclosure of these relationships is necessary for others to make an informed decision about the impact of the disclosed relationship. For instance, this may be relevant in the context of educational activities of the EAS.

Those requested to complete the form include: all EAS Officers and members of the Society’s Committees, members of EAS Consensus Position Paper expert panels, and EAS Course Organizers. The forms will be updated annually. The completed forms will be archived at the Society’s Administrative Offices and made publicly available on the Society’s website. Course and Congress Faculty will be required to present a slide summarizing any COI disclosures before their presentation.


COI disclosures

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