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EAS Advanced Course in Stable Isotope Tracers in Lipid Research in Nantes, France - Final Programme
11 October 2017 
17:30-18:30  Arrival and registration 

Opening lecture:
Kinetic studies of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism: An introduction
C Packard, UK
  19:45-22:00 Dinner
12 October 2017

Principles of tracer methodology
08:30-09:15 Basic characteristics of nonradioactive, stable isotope tracers (from isotope production to specific labelled compounds for in vivo use)
P Thourel, France

09:15-10:00 General principles of mass-spectrometry and technologies for isotopic enrichments
T Preston, UK
  10:00-10:30  Coffee break 
Protocols for kinetic studies
  10:30-10:50  Stable isotopes in human studies: About studies and the regulation (law and ethics) in European countries
M Krempf, France 
  10:50-11:30 Design of kinetic studies for the best modelling: constant infusion or bolus injection? How long? Sampling? 
H Barret, Australia
  11:30-11:55 Discussion
  12:00-13:00  Lunch
Modelling approaches
Introduction to SAAM
H Barret, Australia
  13:15-14:00 Tracer kinetics models and software incl. individual and population kinetics
M Adiels, Sweden

Coffee break
    Workshops - training activities (half of the students)
  14:30-15:30 Mass spectrometry course
M Krempf, France and M Croyal, France and T Preston, UK
  15:45-16:45 Modelling course
H Barret, Australia and M Adiels, Sweden

16:45-18:00 Free time
  18:00-19:00  Evening State-of-the-Art Lecture: Minimal and Maximal Models of Glucose Metabolism
C Cobelli, Italy 
  19:00-22:00  Dinner
13 October 2017

08:15-09:00 Morning lecture: Kinetic studies with stable isotopes in diabetic dyslipidemia: What has been done - What could be done in the future
B Verges, France
  09:00-09:15  Coffee break 
    Methodological and technical aspects
09:15-09:45  Focus on proteomics for analyzing apolipoproteins
M Croyal, France
  09:50-10:20  Use of labelled lipoproteins
S Nielsen, Denmark
  10:25-10:55  Mass isotopomer distribution analysis: multiple flux pathways
N van Riel, The Netherlands 
  11:00-11:30  Integration of fluxes and multilayer omics data to understand metabolic pathways and dysfunction 
A Mardinoglu, Sweden
  11:40-12:40  Lunch 
    Studies of lipids and lipid metabolism 
  12:40-13:10  Studies of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins
M-R Taskinen, Finland 
  13:15-13:45  Studies on cholesterol absorption
D Luetjohann, Germany
  13:45-14:00  New insights on whole body cholesterol metabolism
K Ougueram, France 
  14:00-14:30  Studies on bile acids
F Stellaard, The Netherlands
    Round table and concluding lecture 
  14:30-15:30  Kinetic studies - bottle-necks and potential for future studies
C Packard, UK 
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
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