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2016: EAS-FHSC Symposium on FH - Programme

Programme for download

Friday, November 25, 2016

12.00 onwards Arrival, registration
  14.00 Opening & Welcome
M Banach (PL), M Vrablík (CZ), K Ray (UK), A Catapano (IT)
Session 1: Familial hypercholesterolaemia in 2016: from epidemiology to diagnosis
  14.15 Role of lipids in the atherogenesis: the case of FH
Speaker: G Latkovskis (LAT)
Commentator: P Jankowski (PL)
  15.00 Epidemiology and clinical picture of FH
Speaker: M Gruchala (PL)
Commentator: M Ezhov (RU)
  15.45 Genetics of FH: FH is not a single disease
Speaker: JA Kuivenhoven (NL)
Commentator: B Vohnout (SK)
  16.30 Diagnostic criteria for FH (DLNC, Simone Broom, MedPed)
Speaker: M Vrablík (CZ)
Commentator: D Pella (SK)
 Session 2 Groupwork: case presentations and discussion
  17.30-19.00 Case presentations and group discussions (4 groups with 2 Experts/Chairs in each; the same cases and presentations in each group)
Group 1: M Banach (PL), Z Fras (SI)
Group 2: M Vrablík (CZ), H Soran (UK)
Group 3: K Ray (UK), M Ezhov (RU)
Group 4: A Catapano (IT), G Latkovskis (LAT)
Saturday, November 26, 2016
Session 3 Current FH screening activities
  09.00 Screening for FH: universal, opportunistic or cascade screening?
Speaker: S Romeo (SWE)
Commentator: Z Fras (SI)
  09.45 Collaborative efforts in FH identification: THE FHSC INITIATIVE
Speaker: K Ray (UK)
Panel discussion: M Banach (PL), A Catapano (IT), R Ceska (CZ), L Tokgozoglu (TK), M Vrablik (CZ)
  10.45 Registries: from set up to practical problems
Speaker: G K Hovingh (NL)
Commentator: G Latkovskis (LAT)
  11.30 Imaging of atherosclerosis in FH
Speaker: L Tokgozoglu (TK)
Commentator: K Ray (UK)

  12.30 Lunch
Session 4 Therapeutic consideration for FH patients in 2016 and beyond
  13.30 Real challenge in the optimal therapy: statin non-response, non-adherence, statin discontinuation
Speaker: M Banach (PL)
Commentator: D Gaita (RO)

  14.15 LDL-apheresis vs new drugs (PCSK9 inhibitors) - when, whom, why?
Speaker: H Soran (UK)
Commentator: A Rynkiewicz (PL)
  15.00 FH in special populations: children
Speaker: A Brandt (PL)
Commentator: M Kayikcioglu (TK)

  15.45 Coffee break
Session 5 Workshops: Special chapters of FH management
  16.00-18.30 Workshops (group divided into 3 parts, rotating in 45 minutes; 2 experts in each group)
    - FH management in statin intolerance
M Banach (PL), M Rizzo (IT)
    - CVD risk assessment in FH: are all the FH patients created equal?
K Ray (UK), E Moses (GR)
    - Management of FH in special populations (pregnancy, children, concomitant diseases)
H Soran (UK)
D Lighezan (RO)
Sunday, November 27, 2016
Session 6 08.00-09.30 Central & European Countries Key Opinion Leader Summit
A Catapano (IT), M Kayikcioglu (TK), E Michenko (UKR), E Mirrakhimov (KYR), B Pojskic (BOSNIA), I Gouni-Berthold (GER), M Viigimaa (EE), K Lalic (SER)
Session 7 Severe and Severe and homozygous FH
  09.30 Severe FH: diagnosis and management
Speaker: T Freiberger (CZ)
Commentator: A Susekov (RU)
  10.15 Identification and management of homozygous FH
Speaker: I Gouni-Berthold (GER)
Commentator: B Vohnout (SK)


Current guidelines for FH treatment: EAS consensus papers
Speaker: A Catapano (IT)
Commentator: M Viigmaa (LIT)

  12.00-13.00 Conclusion and Take Home Message
A Catapano (IT), K Ray (UK), M Banach (PL), M Vrablík (CZ)
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