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1. Full Individual membership

Annual membership subscription for full annual individual members of EAS depends on your age, and for 2018-2019 is:

  • 40 € for persons over 35
  • 20 € for persons 35 or under

With full Individual membership you have benefits that help you develop your career or studies by providing access to educational material and resources, and by making it possible (or more easily affordable) to take part in educational activities. full Individual membership includes:

  • full access to the Society's e-learning platform EAS Academy
  • online access to the Society's journal Atherosclerosis.
  • eligibility to apply for EAS Advanced Courses
  • eligibility to apply for the Society's Grants and Awards
  • reduced (member-rate) registration fees at the Society's annual Congress* 

    * The general rule regarding the member-rate registration at EAS Congresses is: payment of EAS annual membership subscription (from January 01-December 31 each year) means that you are eligible to pay member-rate registration fees when attending the EAS Congress the following year.

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2. Limited-access membership

With this no-cost membership option you can receive the Society's newsletters and mailings, and view some of the educational webcasts on the  EAS Academy. Limited-access members need to register and create a profile with a login, but there is no subscription fee.

As a Limited member you have the opportunity to convert your membership to Full Individual EAS Membership and upgrade at any time.

Compare membership benefits per category.

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3. EAS-National Society membership

Persons who receive membership of EAS though agreement with their national atherosclerosis society are National Society members. As a National Society member you have the opportunity to convert your membership to Full Individual EAS Membership at a discounted subscription rate at any time.

Not sure if your society is a member? See the list of EAS-National Society members and Other National Society contacts.

Read more about how your society can subscribe and which benefits EAS-national society members gain. Compare membership benefits per category.

Are you a representative of a national society and would like to sign up your Society for EAS-National Society membership, please contact EAS at:

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