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Philippe Moulin

Professor of Human Nutrition, Faculté Lyon Est, Claude Bernard University, Lyon
Head of the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetology, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases, Cardiovascular Hospital, Lyon
President of the French Society of Atherosclerosis (NSFA)

Career Development:
1982-1986: Residency fellowship, Lyon
1987-1989: Assistant Professor, Lyon
1989-1991: Post-doc fellowship: Allan Tall lab Div Molec Med, Columbia University, NY, NY, USA
1991-1992: Assistant Professor, Lyon
Since 1992: Researcher INSERM UMR 285-585-870-1060
Since 1995: Professor of Nutrition, Lyon
Since 2003: Head of the Dept of Endocrinology

Blibliometry H index: 33
Research profile: 198 citation reports; cited 4 455 times; average citations per item: 22.5;Best citation : (Nature Genetics , 2003;34: 154-156): 855

Previous function at the EAS:
President of the local organizing committee EAS Lyon 2013
Member of the congress organizing committee 2012-2014

5 Main Publications in the field of lipoprotein metabolism:

  1. Abifadel M., Varret M., Rabès JP., Allard D., Ouguerram K., Devillers M., Cruaud C., Benjannet S., Wickham L., Erlich D., Derré A., Villéger L., Farnier M., Beucler I., Bruckert E, Chambaz J., Chanu B., Lecerf J-M., Luc G., Moulin P., Weissenbach J., Prat A., Krempf M. , Junien C.,. Seidah N G., Boileau C. Mutations in the PCSK9 gene at 1p32 as a cause of autosomal dominant hypercholesterolemia. Nat Genet. 2003 ; 34:154-6
  2. Marcais C., Verges B., Charriere S., Pruneta V., Merlin M.,Billon S., Perrot L., Drai J., Sassolas A.,Pennacchio LA.., Fruchar-Najib JC. Durlach V., Moulin P., Apo A5 Q139 X truncation predisposes to late-onset hyperchylomicronemia due to lipoprotein lipase impairment. J Clin Invest 2005; 115: 2862-2869
  3. Calzada C, Véricel E, Colas R, Guillot N, El Khoury G, Drai J, Sassolas A, Peretti N, Ponsin G, Lagarde M, Moulin P. Inhibitory effects of in vivo oxidized high-density lipoproteins on platelet aggregation: evidence from patients with abetalipoproteinemia. FASEB J. 2013;27:2855-61.
  4. Caussy C, Charrière S, Marçais C, Di Filippo M, Sassolas A, Delay M, Euthine V, Jalabert A, Lefai E, Rome S, Moulin P. An APOA5 3' UTR Variant Associated with Plasma Triglycerides Triggers APOA5 downregulation by Creating a Functional miR-485-5p Binding Site. Am J Hum Genet. 2014;94:129-134
  5. Di Filippo M, Moulin P, Roy P, Samson-Bouma ME, Collardeau-Frachon S, Chebel-Dumont S, Peretti N, Dumortier JZoulin F, Fontanges T, Parini R, Rigoldi R, FurlanF, Mancini G, Bonnefont-Rousselot D, Bruckert E, Schmitz J, Scoazc JY, Charrière S, Villar Fimbel S, Ottrand F, Dubern B, Doummar D, Joly F, Liard-Meillon ME, Lachaux A, Sassolas A Di Filippo M, Moulin P, Roy P, Samson-Bouma ME, Collardeau-Frachon S, Chebel-Dumont S, Peretti N, Dumortier N, Zoulim F, Fontanges T, Parini R, Rigoldi R, Furlan F, Mancini G, Bonnefont-Rousselot D, Bruckert E, Schmitz J, Scoazec JY, Charrière SC, Villar-Fimbel S, ottrand F, Dubern B, Doummar D, Joly F, Liard-Meillon ME, Lachaux A, Sassolas A Hepatic steatosis and fibrosis despite metabolic differences in congenital hypocholesterolemia due to homozygous MTTP and APOB mutations. Journal of Hetaptology 2014;61:891-902

Following a 2 year post doctoral fellowship in Allan Tall lab (Columbia University NY) I switched from HDL metabolism into the regulation of triglyceride rich lipoprotein. I run a lipid clinic and a diabetes clinic involved in cardiovascular complications of diabetes. My main focus of interest was for the last 15 years the molecular mechanism of regulation of the lipolysis using extreme phenotype as tool to decipher the regulation of TG lipolysis.

I strongly believe that exchanges within Europe are critical to improve the knowledge around athero–thrombosis, and this way I was happy to contribute via the organization of the EAS congress in Lyon 3 years ago. Subsequently I promoted by short videos for one year two papers from each issues of Atherosclerosis Journal. I would be happy to participate actively at the various activities of the society for sake of efficacy and equity.

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