September 21

Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) is a common genetic disorder associated with premature cardiovascular disease. Many people have FH and do not know it, and will perhaps not know it until they suffer a premature heart attack. There is a global need to initiate programmes to find and treat persons with FH. The tools are there to be used, the costs are low relative to the number of lives saved, and the potential health benefits are huge.

September 24 is FH-awareness day. All this week, in a series of newsletters, EAS highlights activities to raise the awareness of FH. In this newsletter, we focus on national educational and public information events organised by members of the EAS-FH Studies Collaboration, colleagues in atherosclerosis societies and FH patient organisations.

FH-awareness week – putting FH on the public health agenda worldwide

Around the world this week, groups including atherosclerosis societies and FH patient organisations are holding events and organising activities to raise awareness of FH among the general public and healthcare professionals. The more people are aware of FH, the more likely we are to get FH onto the public health agenda.

Here are some of the local and national events taking place – if you can’t take part, why not use them as inspiration to organise an event of your own next year?

National and local FH events >>

EAS FH events >>

About FH Awareness Week >>


Is there an FH-related event happening near you? Let us know, and we’ll post it on the EAS-FHSC website. Send details to the EAS FHSC c/o EAS office:

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